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Friday, July 3, 2015

Ganbare Goemon DS playthrough log part 2/3

Next there's a part where we find the imposters again, having lunch, and Ebisumaru goes and eats all their food and turns into a giant round ball. The imposters run away, and now I have to roll Ebisumaru across this narrow path, it's just as annoying as the watermelon stage in Mario Sunshine. If Ebisumaru falls in the water, he'll be warped all the way back to the start.

Eventually, we find a doctor who is able to turn Ebisumaru back to normal, and we also run into Yae, who joins the group, and get to a ninja town. There's this one guy inside a house filled with mushrooms who gives us a bit of exposition.. then someone dresses Ebisumaru up in a tutu.. this gives him the ability to drill into the ground. Using this ability, you can into this fortress level...

This place is really annoying. It's a sidescrolling platforming area, if you fall off once you die and have to start over from the beginning. One thing I noticed at this point, is that Yae's katana has ridiculously bad hit detection, you can't hit an enemy at all unless you are standing directly inside it after taking damage..

This part is where the game started to get VERY frustrating.. constantly getting hit and falling off because I can't kill the enemies at all... so after a few tries I'm like, fuck that, I'm ONLY using projectiles here and killing every enemy from a distance, and ONLY using Sasuke's balloon jump to get across pits.

This area has a bunch of tough screen-based platforms. Like there's a swing platform that you have to move with the touch screen to get it to start swinging, a bounce platform that you have to pull down on so it'll bounce you up... and then a bunch of plates spinning ontop of sticks, and you have to spin the plates enough so that you can use them as platforms to get across..

Then there's another easy boss, and another Impact battle that is also easy, but harder than the first one. Sometimes a shockwave from the boss's attacks will affect your character in the foreground, causing them to drop the remote. When you don't have the remote, Impact just stands there not doing anything. As long as you have the remote, it's easy enough to just constantly input command attacks and guard whenever it looks like the boss is about to attack.. The only thing that can make it even possible to lose is if you accidentally hit the "self destruct" button in the middle.

Next, there's a festival village, and another linear path leading to a run down empty village where Ebisumaru's Imposter and another bad guy is with him... but now they don't seem to be bad guys anymore.. they give Yae the ability to turn into a fish so she can go through the water. Then you have to go around exploring the water areas to rescue these 3 kids who have been kidnapped and tied up... then back at the village the kids start a festival dance, which opens up the festival tent, and inside is the tengu general, who has tied up the Goemon imposter. This seems to be the real villain of the game. He sends out a lantern monster with legs. This is the first decently challenging boss fight in the game. He jumps around, and carries other lanterns above its lantern head that shoot flames.

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