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Friday, April 8, 2011

Pokemon Black part 6: Drill down to Victory

Holy crap, there's literally an ice cream pokemon. No seriously. I'm not joking. An ice cream pokemon named Vanillite.

It's an... Ice cream... Pokemon... just... how can they come up with such a bad design? lol it's almost like they're parodying themselves now. Or maybe they've made so many pokemon at this point they ran out of animals/plants to use and have to start making food pokemon.

XD this jittery electric cat thing is awesome. *twitch* *twitch*

it looks like it'll freak out and pounce on you if you drop a feather.

A wild pokeshroom appears! lol I wonder if it'll make me grow big.

Looking for Team Plasma now... Also probably gonna find HM03 Surf soon.

Checking out the cold storage area... Cheren tags along as usual... Team Plasma is probably hiding somewhere in here... He's still going on about what the champion said, that there's something more important for a trainer than getting stronger. yeah okay, this subplot wasn't very good the first few times I don't see why they still use it. After fighting through some trainers in an icy building, Team Plasma is found hiding in one of the containers, there's like 10 of them... and Zinzolin, one of the seven sages, is there too... okay that was easier than expected.

They were trying to steal a bunch of pokemon but Clay captured them... After beating all of the Plasma grunts Clay comes in with his mafia goons and takes Team Plasma away... but then just before I enter the gym, more Team Plasma guys are there, with Ghetsis leading them.

Ghetsis: Clay. It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Ghetsis, of Team Plasma. I've come to pick up my associates who are in your care.

Clay: I don't need no thanks, now. Yer buddies were tryin' to steal some folks' pokemon.

Ghetsis: What's this? It seems as if there has been some misunderstanding. We only free pokemon from wicked people.

Clay: Well, that sounds real nice, if it's true. I may not talk purty, but at least I'm an honest man. You talk real nice, but what yer sayin' kinda sounds like lyin'. So tell me plain, what are ya tryin' to say?

Ghetsis: Team Plasma has an interest in Driftveil City. And we have many, many more members besides those who are here...

Clay: ...Well, I can't tell if yer lyin' or not, but I reckon you've won this without a fight. Hrrmph. Fine. Take 'em and git!

Ghetsis: A decision worthy of a businessman called the Miner King. Your grasp of the situation is outstanding. Well then, we will be taking our colleagues off your hands...

Zinsolin: Ghetsis... Thank you very much...

Ghetsis: Don't worry, my fellow servant of the king... We are two of the Seven Sages, are we not? Well then, everyone, I expect that we will meet again somewhere.

Clay: Sorry to let Team Plasma go after you tracked 'em down, fellas. Say, why don't we cheer ourselves up with a pokemon battle? Don't keep me waitin'!

Cheren: Well, we avoided a fight in the middle of the city, anyway. Still, I can't help but think Ghetsis isn't just an ordinary person. I'm off to go make my pokemon stronger. I really don't want to lose to that Clay guy. Actually, I'm going to win my gym badge in a flawless victory!

Team Plasma seems to just about the only interesting characters in this game. They seem to have a lot of back story that keeps you interested in wanting to find out more, whereas every other character so far is just the same old recycled pokemon plot that we've seen so many times. Cheren couldn't be a more a tired, boring character...

Looks like this gym is an electric type gym, due to the electric bolt on the front of it... wait what.

The Gym Leader Clay users ground-type pokemon.

well, phh, I knew that, obviously...

Clay is waiting at the very bottom, because he wants to remember... that he was at the bottom in the past.


So I went through the confusing elevator maze and now I'm in some underground mining facility, where Clay is.

My team at this point:
Servine 31
Tirtouga 28
Tranquill 30
Drilbur 30
Herdier 28
Gothita 27

His Excadrill took out both my Tirtouga and Servine. Constantly getting screwed by confusion... and it just took out my Herdier in one hit with Bulldoze... this isn't going well.. I take out Drilbur in the hopes that I can kill it with its part-steel weakness to ground... nope, killed with Bulldoze. Tranquill? nope, killed with Rock Slide. Gothita? yeah there's no chance. Clay clobbered me. Wow I'm so underleveled.

Went back after leveling up just enough to evolve my Drilbur to Excadrill. This time I'll win. Impossible? peh!

Kick reason to the curb! Make the impossible possible! That's the team warpio way!

Hell yeah!