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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wind Waker Part 8: Stalking a Theif

The last post was all about an incredibly terrifying love quest involving a pig-faced girl who's in love with a moblin, and her psycho father who has a strange hatred for postmen.

Next is the story of Mila, a much more sane character who has a very interesting and involved sidequest.

This was another character who Ganon kidnapped as a possible Princess Zelda candidate. Surely enough, this girl couldn't have been Zelda, as Zelda would never be as snobby and cold as a girl like Mila. What's interesting about her though, is the way her personality becomes entirely different after the circumstances of her rescue.

Mila: Hey, you! Come on! Use your head! You can't just stand there like that! You're in my way! Can't you move?

Oops! That won't do! That won't do at all! Already I'm back to my old habits... I'm terribly sorry! Really, I am!

This way to the only stall with extra-fun happy things for sale! Your happiness is guaranteed! Fun awaits you!

Mila's father was the owner of the wealthy house on Windfall Island, but after she's been rescued, Mila's father is poor and Mila is working as a saleswoman to get by.

It kinda makes you feel bad for her, doesn't it? And to top it off, the eskimo shop owner who she's working for is having some problems of his own as well.

No, no, no! young master! I have ill news! Someone has been fiddling with my safe! I come to the shop first thing in the morning, and DEAR ME! I see signs suggesting someone fiddled with things! Perhaps someone has been sneaking in here at night and doing shady things!

...But I do not have any proof. Dear me! Such a mystery! If only I could catch them in the act, I could scold them! And OH! What a scolding I would give!

Looking around at night, I didn't see anyone near the shop... There's this guy sitting ontop of the wall staring at the moon... nothing weird there... that dancing guy is still dancing away in front of the gravestone... Oh, there's Mila standing by a tree.

Shh! Shhh! Take off! Go away!

Hmm, nope that's not suspicious at all what are you talking about?

Maybe she's trying to catch the safe thief too!

As soon as I start to walk away, Mila goes off in the other direction. To complete her sidequest, you gotta stalk her and find out what she's up to!

She's obviously very paranoid about people seeing her, she keeps turning the other way and checking to see if anyone's there. The noise of a cat meowing startles her, she says "Who's there??" and then runs toward the shop.

Now Link has found the mystery thief! The next part of this sidequest is really interesting. It's like one of those detective visual novel games where you have to make the right choices to get to the good ending. Make a wrong choice, and you lose and have to start over. Let's see how Link handles being a detective.

Mila: Y-Y-You startled me...! Wh-Wh-What do you want? M-M-My heart is racing! You scared me! Wait... Are you...? ...the kind of creep who goes around at night scaring people?! That's just plain mean! Just who do you think you are, anyway?!

> An ally of justice! < > A night-creeping rascal! <

Looks like this bratty little theif doesn't know who she's dealing with! Link boldy declares himself an ally of justice.

Mila: A... what!?! An... An ally of justice?! I-I'm not a thief! I swear! I haven't stolen anything! Well, yet. Please let me go! It was just an impulse! That's all! Just a bad idea!

...Why won't you say anything? Does this mean you're mad at me? Could you at least listen to the circumstances in my life that led up to this moment? Please, you owe me that much!

> Sure < > Quiet, you! <

Now she's trying to weasel her way out of this by making Link feel bad for her. Out of the goodness of his heart, Link decides to hear her out.

Mila: I... was once the richest little debutante in this town. Did you know that? But one day, a monstrous bird came and took me away to a terrible place called the Forsaken Fortress, where I was locked up and held captive. Oh, it was awful! My father spent every last rupee in his coffers in an attempt to get me rescued. That's right! Every last bit of our family fortune, gone...

That was when my life of poverty began. Now, every day, from morning until night, I'm busy working for the open-air shop. So, as you can see, at least I'm trying to settle into my poor lifestyle. Doesn't that just tug at your heart strings? What do you say about the tragic events in my pitiable life?

> That's terrible < > That's kind of funny <

Well, her blatant self-pitying attempt is pretty laughable, but... there's nothing funny about poverty really... so Link agrees that it is indeed terrible.

Mila: And to make matters worse, for some reason I still can't figure out, that slob Maggie, who was the poorest girl in town, suddenly got filthy rich! Maggie, of all people! It makes me so mad that I want to do something terrible! Grrrr! Do you understand my plight?

> Very well < > Not at all <

...She doesn't even know the half of it. I do agree with her point, not because of Maggie getting filthy rich (and filthy of other things...), but because of her dad, the biggest asshole in town, becoming rich. It makes me want to do something terrible... something like... going into his house and destroying all of his expensive jars!, uh, I mean. Stealing is bad! I am an ally of justice!

Mila: ...Then you'll let me go?!

> Unfortunately, no < > I'll let you go <

To help out the shop owner, Link has to try and get Mila to stop her thieving ways. Letting her go now won't help any, as she'll just be back again the next night.

Mila: But... why not?!?

> Because I'm honest < > Because I like you <

Everyone knows the way for a girl to manipulate you is by saying you like her. The correct answer here is "Because I'm honest", saying this should take her rich, self-centered attitude down a notch.

Mila: It's true... I know I'm quibbling over nothing... But being so poor weakens a person's very soul...

Oh, how poetic!

Mila: But... it's time I quit making silly excuses for myself!

Thank you so much...

Thanks to you, I didn't have to sink down to the level of a common thief. I will never do anything like that again! Ahhhh... What an amazing feeling! I've let all of my worries out of my heart. Wow! I actually feel refreshed! Let me at least thank you. Please, take this.

You got an empty bottle!

Mila: Don't look at me like that! I didn't steal it! It washed up on the shore, so I picked it up. Don't tease me like that! It's a tiny bottle made of crystal-clear glass... It's so beautiful.

I wish my soul could be that beautiful...

Oh! What am I saying? When you live in poverty, you can say the cheesiest things without blinking an eye. Hmph!

So, umm... I guess I should go soon. My father will start worrying. Good-bye, little ally of justice!

In the end, Mila isn't really a thief at all, she's just not used to this lifestyle after being raised in a wealthy home. Mila's father learns a lot from this situation, too.

My daughter and I have managed to eke out a decent life, and in the process, I've realized a great truth...

There is something more important than money in the world...

I think at long last I've finally come to understand just what true happiness really is... And I'm thankful for it.

Later, at the shop:

Mila: Oh! Hi! We meet again! ...What?! Of course! Honestly! I'm working! How dare you suggest that! I'm done with all that sneaking around in the dark. In fact, I head off to a faraway island to work in the evenings now, so I won't be seeing you at night anymore! All right? Well, all right. Now, you're keeping me from doing my job, so could you please step aside?

Where could she be going? The only other town accessible in this game is Outset... Maybe she's joined the Salvage Corp and is hunting for treasure every night!