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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kirby's Return to Dream Land - high playthrough part 2

White Wafers
Slippery ice stages... Mega Hammer ability is fun
Snow Bowl... ice cream hat...
4-5 is non-linear... has weird waddle dee genies
Used Fighting Kirby (with some of Ryu's moveset) to beat the easy snow monster boss, got the ship's emblem back.

Missing 4 gears in this world... getting pretty hard now.

Bomb Challenge - Got bronze with 16230 points first try

Nutty Noon
6-1... omg this game looks AMAZING... there's something about these aesthetics, I don't know why I love it so much.
Cloud/beanstalk area... this part reminds me of the Triple Deluxe overworld...
When you get up high enough you can see the planet skyline in the background... wow... a tower that ascends into outer space...
5-boss... the ship's mast is just sitting there... but wait, it's actually surrounded by Grand Doomer, a harder version of that miniboss I fought several times in the black+white dimension... used Ultra Sword...

I didn't get even close to all the energy spheres in my first run of world 5...

Now off to... Halcandra... got shot down by a mean 4-headed dragon called Landia... world 6

Egg Engine
That green door hologram looks cool
6-4, an annoying water current level...
6-boss... a sword fighter boss... Next is volcano peak... 7th world...

I expected this game to just have 6 worlds... totally wasn't expecting a 7th...
92 energy spheres collected so far.

Water Challenge - got Silver first try
Wing Challenge - got Silver first try

The difficulty is getting pretty decent now, starting from the 4th world... like it's not hard to actually die if you don't master all the different varieties of control schemes. Not to mention the challenges are legit... I haven't even gotten gold on any of them yet.

Next high session I guess I'll clean up all the energy spheres I didn't get on worlds 4-6, then do world 7 and beat the game, and do the rest of the challenges I haven't tried yet.

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