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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Metroid II high playthrough log part 1/2

Wow this backstory in the instruction manual is really good... looks like the enemy variety is very unique and huge compared to the first game...

In this you go to SR388 to destroy all the metroids... You start off with the long beam, the last game's high jump, and morph ball ability already.

- Level 1 -
- Metroid #39 down easily.. now the lava has fallen a bit, and this next area splits into 2 separate side areas.

- Level 2 -
- The first split path is a slightly complex Brinstar-like subsection with the bomb, 1 energy tank, ice beam, spider ball, some missile paks ... and 1 metroid... and a refill way up on the ceiling...
The spider ball is teased if you go to the dead end past the missile pak that you can't reach yet... have to back track here after getting it.

This game is deceptively linear... I'm gonna have to try doing a non-100% blind run while sober later on.

wow yeah... the spider ball makes exploring on your own way more fun... at the end of Level 2 you face 3 alpha metroids in a row with a bit of health refills (unless you grind)

- Level 3 -
omg this fortress submap is SO complex... tuuuuuubes
- died to the first non-metroid boss... didn't know you had to use missles to lure it to jump then use bombs against it
- ... okay you know what.. I was saving that energy tank in the one side-area up to that miniboss, as a free refill in between metroid battles... but now I think I may as well get it sooner
- Also the wave beam and super high jump is here... these areas that looked really tricky before are a piece of cake now.
- went into the water and got... the Varia Suit! That certainly tips the scales a lot more now... that spring ball boss is gonna be easy.
- some gamma metroids and alpha metroids, spider ball ceiling crawl... plenty of refills... killed the spring ball boss easily

- Level 4a -
looks like just a quick straight path to Level 5...

- Level 5 -
whoa this place is huge... had to look at the map closely to determine it's split up into 2 separate self contained areas, each with many dead end paths with important stuff to find...
- tried to take out all the metroids in lower section, but then needed to backtrack and do to upper section first for much needed missile refill.. then got Space Jump..
- the morph ball tunnels are getting more confusing now... got Spazer as upgrade from Wave Beam... and already traded it for Plasma Beam right after another metroid fight.. finally some more metroid fights back at that place where I ran out of ammo...

- Level 6 (4b) -
Levels 4/6 are more of a transition area than a full-blown submap...
- have to backtrack to where Level 4 lava was, and it has now gone down to Level 6... just one small side area with a Metroid...
Now there's platforming over lava.. you can't just rely on spider ball anymore.. but space jump makes it pretty easy
- that lowers the Level 5 lava, which leads to 2 more Metroids... and that lowers the Level 6 lava... finally that leads to the real next level

- Level 7 -
just found a save point and got the hell outta there. pointed a big pink arrow on the map to where I start next time...

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