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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mother 1 high playthrough log part 3

Re-explored the Thanksgiving area to make sure I'm not missing anything... there's another dot just a bit north of the Duncan Factory, but I can't get there...

Also it seems like I can walk through the whole train track tunnel to the next town if I wanted to? Unless maybe the enemies in that tunnel are way too tough or something. There's a skeleton inside the tunnel:
You'll end up like me if you don't take the train.
Yeah.. that's not worth it after all.. the enemies aren't impossible, but they are hard, and the tunnel is VERY long...

- Snowman -

That pretty much covers everything I'm able to do here. Now off to Santa Claus Station, on the tracks north of Thanksgiving... If you go a bit beyond that, there's a weird maze of terrain that eventually leads to the area behind Duncan Factory, and you can see a cave but I can't see any way to get to it... oh wait, yeah, that was the first Magicant cave... And you can also explore a giant mess of trees and random terrain, that just seems to stretch out across the whole empty parts of the map where there are no towns or dots. and ultimately leads you nowhere... The bridge to the east is broken, so the train can only go to Reindeer, Halloween, and Snowman. all these seasonal themed areas...

I'll go to Reindeer first...
An old woman asks me to return a hat to a girl in Snowman. It has the name "Ana" on it. I don't really see any reason not to go there right now, so that I can get a new party member and start having some more inventory space... Reindeer exploration can be a bit later I guess.

Snowman is a very small self contained area... Here there's a couple that wants to go to Easter to look for their son, but the tracks are broken..
I heard the people of Easter were spirited away.
People telling me about Ana who lives in the church, and hasn't been to school.. also coughing at me and making my party sick...

Talked to the phone, and instead of asking me to save, Ninten's dad asked for my own name (as in me the player).

Ana says she saw Ninten in her dream.. and joins me to help find her mom in Easter.. she's very weak, so I just warped back to Magicant to train her... Oh wow..
some people in Magicant have different things to say now.. one guy gives me and ocarina, which has no purpose other than to hear the songs you've learned so far. Someone gives me the nickname "Stupid Face Ninten".

Got Ana equipped with some expensive thing that gives her more DEF than Lloyd. alright we're good.

- Reindeer -

Now exploring Reindeer. this is a very huge city, it'll take a while to talk to everyone... Some girl gives me a Flea Bomb in exchange for "anything".
When I use telepathy on a girl who doesn't say anything:
Have you heard of the dragon's lullaby?
There's a guy peeping into a house's bathroom window..

Went to check out the dot north-west of Reindeer... a mansion in the middle of nowhere... a loop around dead-end path with a sign warning about losing items... Found Dentures near that sign... gave the dentures to the man inside the big house... in return he gave me the secret to living a long life... to gargle to get rid of a cold... he filled up my inventory with mouthwash...

What the hell... this game is so weird. So this huge section is really all just for flavor text.

- Halloween -

The downtown area is deserted, and monsters roam around...

Finally I meet an NPC in the residential area, who tells me about how you can hear a piano playing a song in the haunted house...
Still using a map to navigate instead of the game's map... but I can see how you'd piece together the NPC hints here to find out that dot near Halloween is the haunted house you're supposed to go to...
One girl in this area is one of the Rosemary's.. she gives me the key to her haunted house..

One NPC here gives you 3 very useful hints.. one saying you don't need to kill the ghosts in the haunted house, just get the melody.. one saying to talk to the woman at Reindeer station (which leads to the Ana quest I already did).. and another says:
The most important hint to remember though is... no matter how much it hurts your ears to do so... listen to the words in the song by Magicant's guitar player.
Oh man, this game is testing you on your ability to retain previous npc dialog.. I love these kind of adventure game elements.

Exploring the haunted house now... A mouse says there's a room with a piano... Went down a large staircase...
Ninten. You're going to die. Heeheehee hehehe!
hah, that text box was wrong! Ana was the only one that died here.

At least this house isn't hard to navigate.. I just stuck to the upper path and went down from there.. learned the 4th melody.. tried to explore the rest of the house with only Ninten still alive... Oh what the.. I zoomed past a multi-enemy battle with Alarm Ghost and suddenly my whole party was revived... oh it's because I learned Super Heal and Ninten used it during the auto battle.

Went back to Rosemary.. she says she just now renamed her son Ninten.

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