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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mother 1 high playthrough log part 2

- Magicant -

The bridge east of the zoo is the next place I went to check out. There's a strange rock in a mountain cave past here. You can use telepathy to talk to the rock, it just asks you about the god's tail.. I think you're supposed to bring the diary here with you?
That which was left behind by the ship that soars the heavens.
Suddenly I teleport to this strange magical candy land... the characters here have really strange dialog.
I'm a swimming cat. Have you heard of a candy that gives courage and strength weaklings? You're a strong boy, so I doubt you need any.
Also most of the villagers are witches?
I had a dream that Magicant vanished into thin air. My heart's still pounding, even now.
Heard about a fountain that turns items into magical items..

There's a guy in this one house (houses are seashells here) who imitates talking to your dad on the phone.
If you need to see a helpful old man, go to Mary's Fountain. He'll come if he hears a cry from the heart.
Deep in the forest there's a guitar player who likes solitude.
Outside? What is this "outside" you speak of?
Happiness won't just walk into your life on its own. But neither will unhappiness. So if you don't want trouble in your life... then you'd best stay still and never move a muscle.
This is so weird... some NPC asks you if you've seen the NPC who talks about happiness, and then says:
You can't part if you've never met.
...then another NPC asks if you've seen the "can't part if you've never met" guy....

I fixed a kid's spoon by unbending it, and he let me stay the night.. there's actually a bunch of places where you can heal.
This whole village is just surreal...

Exploring outside the town now...
I'm an unsinging monkey. But monkeys don't normally sing anyway. Any questions? You look kind of like Queen Mary, I wonder why that is.
I've heard about a man who was forgotten, but I forget what his story was.
I'm a cat that swims in the ground. Can you guess what I'm holding in my paw?
... uh... dirt?

Top of far left area.. found the guitar playing guy.
I was just in the middle of pondering philosophical questions. It's hard for me to focus with all this guitar music, though. Oh! Whoops! I didn't realize I was the one playing the guitar! How careless of me! ... This is a secret between you and me: come back here when you're stronger.
hmm... okay

Above that area is 2 bridges going left, leading to a dead end and the fountain that heals you... A house to the north with a bunch of temporary bird allies that join you one at a time... There's the castle in the middle of this big open area. it's actually the most straightforward path from the town.. used telepathy to solve the guard's riddle.
That's right, the answer is two alligators. I haven't thought up the question yet though.
Queen Mary often has nightmares. She talks like she's punishing a naughty child and then cries out about being afraid. Then she starts to sing a song, but only a short bit of it.
Only other way to go is the bridge to the right.. leads to a bunch of holes in the ground, only one of them you can go into...

Whoa... okay so I found the forgotten man in this maze dungeon area, and ignoring him takes you back out to your own world.. but the one path I skipped over has a boss battle that gets you the Onyx Hook, and that lets you warp back to magicant any time... that's a pretty important item that's easy to miss. Classic NES era difficulty.

- Thanksgiving -

When I come out of Magicant, now I'm way down at the 2 dots south of Thanksgiving town... The other dot there (have to go way up and around left), is the "Sweet Little Factory"... Can't go east of the magicant cave btw... Got killed by exploring east of Thanksgiving. guess I won't bother with that for now.

There's a school at Thanksgiving.. this kid says Lloyd ran off with some explosives. The door to the roof is locked by the janitor.. he unlocks it for you if you act nice to him.. Lloyd is up there hiding in a trash can. he wants to try out the bottle rockets in the Sweet Little Factory...
Aw jeez.. a kid sneezed on me and gave me a cold.
The janitor's wife:
I'm Suzy. I won the Miss Middle of Nowhere pageant.
... okay

Oh, and now the other bridge is unblocked, so there's an easy quick path between Thanksgiving and Mother's Day.. good I really need to store some of these items. For how limited your item capacity is, there sure are a lot of useless items you can choose to carry around... There's a "Ruler" you can by which measures enemies' height... completely useless.

After an easy dungeon with stupidly easy rat enemies, Lloyd joins and now I can finally hold double the item capacity.. Lloyd blows up the classroom trying out the rocket..

Villagers tell you about the rock blocking the tracks at the train station.. and the Duncan Factory north of here has a giant rocket.. I guess here would be a good time to level up Lloyd.

Did the 2nd factory level just north of Thanksgiving... leveled up Lloyd here from 1 to like 23.. Ninten up to 29.. the enemies here are on the tougher side... This level is a HUGE maze.. I tried following along a single wall for an eternity until I finally got lost, and had to check a map. This is literally as hard to get around in as Metroid 1 and 2.. there are differences between hallways but they're not that obvious...

Launched a rocket in this factory which blew up the rock on the train tracks, opening up the way to progress further....

Only had enough time to explore Magicant and Thanksgiving town and complete the Factory level during this high session.

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