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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Kirby's Dream Course log

Kirby's Dream Course screenshot Kirby's Dream Course screenshot
I've never really fully played through this before. Now I'm starting over fresh, gonna get high on edibles and attempt to complete it. Started by reading this really nice concisive review:

Then I watched the in-game gameplay demos that teach you how to play... there are 20 of them in total.. the first few just show kirby on linear straight courses to demo the ground/fly shots... then there's a demo with a dpad picture that is a full diamond-shaped course that shows how to aim your shots.

I really like how L and R are used to quickly adjust angle by an exact 45 degrees.

It seems like going for the middle of the power meter is what you need to land a straight unobstructed ground shot at exactly where the end of the guide is... but for fly shots you have to stop the first meter in the middle, and the 2nd meter at the top to land exactly where the guide shows... (er, actually it looks like you actually want both meters to land in wherever the white line happens to be... I just got confused by the redundant bar meter on the right, when you actually need to look at the crosshair meter where Kirby expands/deflates across both axis)

Ground curving seems pretty simple too... just the same as aiming except you have to hold B... the guide shows the exact curve you'll make if you stop the meter in the middle.

for fly shots, in addition to curving, you also have forward and back spin adjustments by moving up/down while holding B... this can allow for some really epic bank shots...

I love the simplicity of this game... It's got the basic fundamentals of golf games, while being simple to understand in the way that all Kirby games are...

Mid-flyshot boosting seems to work best if you boost exactly as you touch the ground.

This 9th demo just glosses over a whole bunch of different course obstacles that affect your movement in ways that the guide can't predict... now we're getting more into traditional vidya golf guessing game shenanigans...

The stone power makes you immediately stop at whatever point in your trajectory where an enemy or obstacle/hole/etc is? I'm not sure. oh and if stone kirby lands on a hill, he will slide down the hill before stopping...

oh shit the parasol powerup is good... with ground shots it slows you down a certain amount that I'll have to get a feel for... and with fly shots it lets you control your descent!

Fireball kirby can boost straight forward a certain amount, both the ground and air
(hold on, I remember in the review didn't it say you press B to activate your ability? that sounds much simpler than trying to guess when it'll activate)

Spike ability is the same as rock, except it only works with ground shots and it makes you stick to the ground even on hills.

Tornado kirby can control his left/right curving on the ground... just like how parasol kirby can control his left/right while descending...

Wheel kirby is like fireball kirby, except it only works on the ground and you can go forward until you hit something (or stop manually I'm guessing? I'm not sure on that)

Spark kirby can defeat the boss enemies blocking the way... (or at least whispy and kracko anyway)

High jump is really good... you can do an instant neutral spin/high power fly shot from anywhere, including the ground and in midair (so you have a double jump basically)

Freeze kirby is kinda like wheel, but he doesn't go forever on the ground (just a bit farther than usual I think?), and does skate forever on water/ice (again, I'm assuming)...

And finally, the last demo shows UFO kirby, the ultimate cheaty power that just lets you rome the course freely by moving in 4 directions... and it's the only time where it mentions that you can press B to cancel out of it... (I think that means that you do in fact transform to this power as soon as you get it, and you destroy everything and keep the power until you manually get out of it. Like the a super invincible flying version of the wheel)

Finally, on with the 1st Dream Course.

Course 1
Finished with a score of 34... got on the rankings board anyway...
I love how the player name entry is made entirely by drawing/stamping instead of just selecting letters. it's like a miiverse-forshadowing thing.

Course 2
Finished with a score of 31... made it up to rank 04...
getting the hang of it, but I'm still pretty bad.

Course 3
ooh shit... this game gets HARD. it took a few game overs even getting through the beginning of it.
Then... I thought I had just BARELY made it to the end... I was right near the hole... but then I overshot and lost my last life.
Would've been it with a score of around 41 I think?

Tried it again a few months later... finally beat course 3 with a terrible score of 35.

Course 4
Getting a lot better at this now... got a score of 27, and came in 3rd and got a bronze medal... would've been close to a gold if I hadn't screwed up on holes 6 and 8. I can see this being very doable to get all the gold medals on now... it's really just a matter of trial and error until you figure out the right angle, curves, and powers to use at the right time...

Course 5
Holy fuck, this is brutal... Took me over an hour of practice to finally beat it. Got a score of 41 (6th place), because I screwed up really badly in holes 6 and 7.

I've pretty much gotten the hang of it now. after I beat this I really want to go back and try and maximize my scores for all the levels... maybe I'll use a speedrun/walkthrough video if I get stuck, but that'll be after I beat the game.

Finally completed all the courses. got rank 4 or 5 in most of them now.. the levels with a UFO power are hilariously cheesable... actually all the levels are pretty cheesable if you know what to do. I'm really interested in retrying each course to go for a gold ranking.

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