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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Super Mario Star Road (SM64 romhack) playthrough log

I started playing this spontaneously... Never played a SM64 romhack before, but I'm very familiar with the SM64 engine.

First I explored around a bit and found the outdoor pipe leading to Course 3. It's a grassy river area similar to the hub.. I had a bit of trouble at first getting that water cave star... I set the analog range to the usual 67% but I think I might need to adjust the controller's deadzone too.

Then I wandered into the tower and jumped into a realistic looking painting that is on an actual paint canvas... That is the proper world 1. it's a place with a king bobomb boss and a very odd layout.. you can't die from falling off, most of the time you'll just fall in the water... I got the 100 coin star and a bunch of others, and I'm stuck on the "top of the sunken ship" star on this world...

Then I went into a vase and found world 2... it's a floating resort where it's VERY easy to fall off and die.. the whomp boss is here, and getting around this place involves some puzzle solving and some pretty advanced maneuvering skills...

As soon as I gained 8 stars I went through one of the 8-star doors and entered course 5, a level with boos and SM3DW aesthetic, and I think SM3DL music though I'm not sure... here I found a grave that you can push to reveal a whole that leads into the hidden stage containing the blue switch on some rotating gears.. it seems like there's more to do at this stage but I couldn't figure it out at all... just died to exit... got another star at course 5, then went back to course 2 and 3 and got a few more stars there, including the 100 coin star... I'm a bit stuck at course 2, but could probably progress more in course 3 and 5...

I could've checked out course 4 now too, but instead I explored the hub a bit more, and found a pipe behind the tower that leads to a secret course. This place looks like some toad village.. you can race koopa the quick up a mountain... I raced him without even exploring the mountain yet, and just barely managed to beat him on the first try... That mountain path is really crazy, it's like the same difficulty as tall tall tower, and you have to hurry.

This secret stage also has 8 red coins... including one that was insanely hard to get to. I managed to get it by doing a divebomb at the peak of a triple jump... I'm pretty sure that's how you're meant to get it cuz I don't see any other possible way... also you can't get 100 coins in this stage.


Made a lot more progress this time... still without any help, I 100% cleared world 2, got all but 2 stars in world 3, and then went to world 4 and got all but 1 star in that. World 4 is a weird flooded castle-like area... Just a bunch of building structures above water and a water section below with a tunnel leading to an easy star and another underwater tunnel maze leading to a star... I couldn't figure out how to get the "Another Entrance" star and I'm certain i looked everywhere...

Oh also world 4 had the green switch palace in it. it's hidden in a banjo-kazooie-like breakable window. it starts with a slide and then there's a small room with red coins.. one of them is on the lava and you need to be metal to get it. with the metal cap I was able to get 1 more star in world 3 and the last missing star in world 2 that I was stuck on.

Still no progress in world 1 or 5 though... 1 I just don't know what to do, and 5 is really hard. I'm at 27 stars now.. I also tried out the first bowser level (that you need 20 stars to get into), and got pretty far, but decided to quit there after like my 10th death.


The bob-omb that opens the cannon in the first level, it took me so long to find that for some reason, even though it wasn't very hidden at all...

I never noticed the blue block right next to the boo level before... and watching raocow's video of this level showed me that it's actually what you need to get the star from the caged up rabbit in the courtyard.. it's pretty hard to get there in time though. you have to do a triple jump up a very high steep slope...

Then I went to that really hard snifit level that I gave up on earlier... This time I managed to beat it without too much trouble. to my surprise the pipe didn't lead to a bowser fight. instead it took me to another difficult platforming area where a bowser portrait taunted me and then I had to kill 5 giant piranha plants. when I die it starts me off at the pipe at the end of the first area, so that wasn't too bad.

I checked out the area inside the tower (has comet observatory music). saw two paintings, a music room where you can probably jump into the giant music sheet, and a room with a pipe.. one of the toads there tells me about the secret area hidden above the chandelier, which takes a tricky long jump to get to. it's a sandy slide level. there's a red coin star and a time trial star here... for the red coins, you sometimes have to get off the slide and do some platforming on the side... it's tricky but not too bad... the time trial star was easy.

After that I went back to the ghost level to give it an honest try, and I super cleared it entirely without any help.. it was actually not that hard once I learned my way around. this level actually helps you out quite a bit by adding certain platforms depending on which star you are on. it's just a matter of finding what is different from last time... I never figured out what that caged up pipe with a tunnel was about, that ended up being a red herring i guess?

I also figured out how to get the secret star in the blue switch palace. those spotlights that appear after you hit the switch, you have to go to those places and jump, and a number will appear. go to all 5 spotlight locations and the star will appear.

Now have 39 stars... the only ones before the inner tower that I'm missing are the "other entrance" star in world 4 (the chuckya level), and two stars in world 3 (the ruins level).. and honestly i have NO idea how to get them.


I wasn't expecting a pipe to lead to another hub room... this place looks like one of those classic Mario Bros sewer levels, with pipes everywhere and stuff... found a hidden toad here that gave me a secret star, and also spotted an opening way high up in the wall that I have no idea how to get to...

The inner tower area had the chandelier secret sand slide, and the paintings and music room here lead to courses 10, 8, and 9... the sewer room had courses 6, 7, and the next bowser course (the entrance to which is actually a 3d model of a SMB1 fortress)...

I nearly 100%'d course 6, a swimming reef level.. but I have no idea how to get the "X Marks the Spot" star.

Course 7, the desert/pyramid level... has angry sun enemies.. they just slowly move around on the ground and act like fire enemies.. I wasn't able to beat Koopa the Quick here, but I did get the coin stars and a couple others.

Course 8, is kind of a forest level with kirby music... it has a giant hollow tree you can climb up and there's a bunch of coins/stars hidden up there... it's very straightforward, I was able to 100% clear this course easily.

Course 9 is the dreaded musical madness course... it looks like a Mario Galaxy level, with random stuff floating around everywhere... but with no gravity physics and SM64's controls this level is a nightmare... I wasn't able to get any stars here yet.

Course 10 is a pretty neat ice mountain level. I wasn't able to explore much of it but I got a couple stars there at least. it seems a bit confusing to get around, and easy to get killed in, but still a lot more fair than the music level.


I 100% finished up world 7, the desert world. that koopa race was really hard, I had to keep practicing until I could climb the big pyramid steps efficiently enough and even then you still have to be quick at the easy parts and long jump a lot.

I got through most of world 10, the ice mountain world... but I couldn't figure out how to bring the baby penguin back to its mom. there's also another star that I have an idea where it is but I didn't bother trying yet. this level has a few bottomless pits between the main areas that you gotta long jump between.. finding the red coins here was a nice challenge.

Then I went and beat the 2nd bowser level. it's a retro SMW style castle.. there are ceiling climbing parts where you gotta avoid those electric orbs that have a really unpredictable pattern, and also lava and bullet bills.. usually you can cheese through it by lava hopping... in fact that was the ONLY way I ever managed to get passed the skull raft part.

The optional star path has another climbable ceiling with an electric orb, and no ground or lava below. at first I thought you had to climb it and avoid the orb the whole way through to get to the star, but later found out you can just jump ontop of the ceiling. then there's a couple of really hard long jumps onto tiny platforms that have spikes on the side of them. spikes work like lava... oh and the boss glitched out on me.. the big bully just killed himself while bowser was talking and I automatically cleared the level after that.

Tried out all the 3rd tier levels. there's a toy level, a candy level, a lava cave level, a factory level, and a spaceship runway level... that runway level was the only one I made any progress in so far. I got the coin stars there pretty easily. I love the verticality in this level and the fact that there are no bottomless pits. it's another one of those BK style levels.


I nearly super-cleared world 9 in like an hour... it was surprisingly not that hard. I almost got both coin stars on the same run, but died before getting to the last red coin. Once I figured out you can easily kill the bees by short-hop ground pounding, and learned the best methods/shortcuts to take to get to each section, it was a cinch. there's a red block here so I guess I probably can't get the last star until I find the wing cap switch.

Then I went to world 11, the candy/toy land, and 100% completed it. This level is really good. it has a nice mixture of open-area BK style, with some verticality, and some tough platforming over bottomless bits. There was a penguin slide race here that is really easy to fall off of, but is also really short. there's a star that just floats up and down in front of a giant target and you gotta shoot to it with the cannon... There's a giant toy robot that you climb up on to get one of the red coins and a star... The one red coin I was stumped on for a while was the one inside the toy plane, but I managed to find it eventually.

Then I went to world 13, the lava cave world... I immediately went for a coin hunt because I couldn't immediately tell where any of the stars were... This level is alright. it has a bunch of lava rivers that join together into a lava lake... Some tough platforming over lava that is very forgiving... Lots of bullies and bats and scuttlebugs... Some of the bullies make it really annoying to get to certain platforms.. There's a shell riding section that I gave up on for now, and still a few other stars I have yet to find.

Then I went to try out the 3rd Bowser level... it's really fun! The star path has some really tricky jumps you have to make by jumping while sliding down a slope to use that momentum to get across. I gave up at the Bowser path for now...

Other than the stuff I'm missing, all I have left is world 12 (the train level I think), world 14 (the factory level?), and the rest of world 15 (the space shuttle level)... I'm now at 89 stars.


I just spent like 5 hours on this game today... After going to get the Got all the remaining stars that I could find. Now at 118..

Cloudrail Station was kinda fun... although it has even more bees than Music Land, it's a lot easier to explore than that level... In the middle is a train on some big train tracks you can walk on... and there's some kinda big floating platforms with enemies and coins hidden in cloud dust... and there's also giant floating flowers and thwomps that act as elevators... The 100 coin star was stupidly easy... The red coin star was a bit tricky though.. the rest was a bit tough but went really well.

Finished the Lava Cave level... I managed to get into that shell surfing tunnel after a few more tries, and on my first attempt of getting through there, luckily I managed to get to the star... there was a really insane metal cap part where you had to lava-hop up a tower with a lava waterfall inside it...

Then I did all I could in Bob-omb Factory... this is the hardest level in the game easily... It's ridiculously easy to fall off due to an enemy/boulder ambush or just sloppy playing.. and the 100-coin and red coin star here is fucking nuts... This one part you have to hop across an insta-death acid pool using only tiny lopsided drums as platforms, and the drums sink when you're standing on them.. I kept having to double-jump in place while carefully turning mario and the camera around so I could get set up for the next jump...

The last star in bob-omb factory... "Engine leak" or something.. I have no idea how to get.. There's a sign that says there's a hidden entrance into this level from Gloomy Garden, but gives absolutely no other clues besides that... Also when I selected this star, there were some extra flamethrower obstacles that weren't there before.. but that might just be because all the previous stars I got on this level were when I selected the first star, and I kept getting other stars besides the first one.. so that flamethrower stuff probably means nothing and was supposed to be there on the other stars I got.

Then finally... The spaceship runway level... there were some really weird stars in the basement section of this level with just some simple platforming rooms over insta-death pits.. I had an unusually high amount of trouble on the first star, the "follow the glittery path" one.. the rest weren't too much trouble though.

Then I went and beat Bowser, and got his star... the star at the end of the bowser fight warped me back to the hub, except now it's nighttime out, there's Galaxy music, and Princess Peach is there where Yoshi used to be at the beginning of the game. Also a bunch of Toads are standing around the hub and have different things to say... one of them gives me a hint about the last secret star that I'm missing... "the pipe to the top of the star tower lookout is hidden somewhere very windy."

You can't go into any levels during this part of the game.. the only thing you can do is grab the 2nd last secret star which is at the area where the 3rd level pipe used to be... and that warps you out and back to the normal version of the hub...

I know that when you get 120 stars, you have to go back to that postgame hub area and look up at the stars from that star island to get to the extra levels... but now I'm stuck at 118 stars and have no idea where to find the last 2.


I managed to find the last 2 stars on my own... The secret star I got a hint that it was in the sky hub area, and I noticed there was a toad I haven't figured out how to get to yet... I got to it by long jumping to a block with coins on it and it was just barely possible from there...

And the last star I was missing in Bobomb Factory... lmao it turns out it was super easy. It was at the top of that area near the pipe. I thought I got that star already...

Tried out the secret hidden palace level... it is absolutely insane, the kind of wall jump maneuvers you need to use here... I had to use save states just to figure out how to do each part with experimentation and trial+error... and I got to the last wall jump section before the star, but I tried everything I could and it just seems impossible... there must be some technique I don't know about because it's just not possible otherwise. The closest I got was with a triple-jump walljump, but then I need some way of turning around and grabbing the ledge after the last walljump, but I don't think that's possible...

okay I give up, I'll just watch a video of someone completing this level instead...
damn... looks like you DO have to grab the ledge behind you after walljumping... that's insane I have no idea how to even do that.

There are also 9 "star replicas" that can be found after you get this 121st star... they are hidden in various levels. the sign at the end of this bonus level tells you the levels you can find them in... I'll just watch a video of that I guess.

jeez, yeah, none of these look fun to get at all. I'll just consider the game finished now.

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