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Friday, June 30, 2017

Yoshi's Island high playthrough log part 4

a frantic but slow paced autoscrolling level with a lot of baseball bandits and lakitus, it's easy to fall off but I made literally no mistakes and got through this part of the level with 30 stars and I think all things collected so far.
the 2nd part is a non-autoscroll bridge section with fast running goonies everywhere. the zoomed out flock of goonies in the background looks really cool...
then it opens up a bit... you can keep going right along the bottom path or you can take the balloons up into the clouds and keep going right on the upper path, and there are certain pipes you can go in...
the top path sure has a lot of those condom looking ghost enemies... and insta death spikes... AND baseball bandits holy fuck what...
oh wait, so the bottom path is just a dead end with another way leading up to the clouds... dunno one that one pipe I could go into was about, but I found all the things...

first part has a bunch of wavy rail platforms, and raven enemies that walk around on tiny planetoids...
a fun bonus area with a falling platform run to a flower and a timed coin run on the fallen platforms
then a carousel platform area with goonies everywhere... more swirving moving platforms and ravens...
then there's a really tricky section where you navigate a big open falling platform maze...
died a few times here... was the restarting from checkpoint system on the SNES version always this generous? I'm used to Wooly World not letting you keep your stars when you restart.
well no it's not really much of a maze but it's very easy to screw up and miss your only chance and die
okay I see why keep messing up at the end there... I don't need that penguin in yoshi's mouth, with it gone I could've eaten the bullet bill and instead of trying to dodge it and losing the platform... no yoshi, get that penguin out of your mouth, penguins are not a healthy breakfast
sweet, got 100 points here too... that's half of world 5 super cleared

the first section is pretty simple... 2nd section, I can sorta tell from the background and from not seeing any sign that you can go down that you're supposed to go up... there's ball+chain throwing shyguys...

oh wow... this was an amazing 100% save... I killed the yellow bullet generator, not knowing I needed its homing bullets to get a few flowers/coins... then at the next 1-way door I saw one of those spinny ball platforms, and I was just barely able to grab it with my tongue without fully going through the 1- way door, and then use the ball to get the stuff I missed...
oh wait no, nevermind I already went up through a 1-way floor, damn
the raven boss is so much easier than I remember him being... lol the raven went back to being a constellation along with the boney gooney
missed 9 red coins and 2 flowers there... yikes

747 total points from playing world 5 while high

now the atmosphere is all dark and dreary... skeleton bones on the ground...
skeleton goonies... you can't ride on them
holy shit that sunset animation...
armored spear guy enemies...
found an invisible cloud/invisible pipe that lead to a bonus area, where you just ride a slow rail platform and pass by dancing spear guys that are easy enough to avoid if you stay on the platform and don't get too greedy jumping for coins.
a bunch of easy platforming with clouds that make bridges that you don't even need. then you encounter the first flame guy enemy... and super dbz bandits that you can't seem to kill
then there's a repeat of the chomps that jump at you from the background and eat the ground when they fall, except they're a lot faster in this level.
huh... did the GBA version make it so you don't actually get hurt from touching the falling chomps? I coulda sworn that was a thing when I last played this game.
then a section where skeleton goonies drop bombs on you... there are some places you can get cover.
got to the optional locked door bonus game... beat it with 100 points

Bandit cave... exactly what the level says it is... with some bandits trying to run away with red coins... and some platforming over lava and fireball enemies as well...
next section... oh wow I remember these mouse enemies that steal your eggs... these ones have a skeleton head but the rest of their body is normal, almost like they're just wearing skulls
and there's bandits that hide behind a background wall layer and run out at you when you get close
some tricky cave system with green spitting plants and baseball bandits... a lot of star clouds around here...
then a star run section
epic 100 points finish

platforming across mushrooms, with spinny logs that are like the SMB3 spinny platforms... got hit by a fuzzy for the first time... it's easy to deal with if you just hover in the air a lot.
missing. fireball enemies added in near the end... missed a few stars and 1 red coin

wow this level is cool... the first section is a bunch of moving castle texture platforms, and fireballs and big boos, and introduces a big boo that has a trail of little boos... and 2.5d rotating fire bars...
woah wtf, the next section has a refight against that blob boss from an earlier castle
then a dark section with pipes that take you between floors... the 2.5d atmosphere here kinda reminds me of Wario Land VB
those mouse enemies are here, except these ones aren't wearing skulls, so they can see better and come after you.
there's a lot of pipes... I'm guessing the one blocked by a cork with a keyhole is the progress pipe so I'll just go into all the others one by one.
then after that pipe maze, a chill easy section with a carousel that dips into lava, and a log lava ride with almost no threats...
the giant tap-tap boss is easy, but fun... got 100 points here

a slow autoscroll cave section... wow what the hell, you have to pretty much know in advance where one of these red coins is gonna be.
it's not that hard, but there's like no checkpoints and lots of lava you can instantly die in if you screw up.
even when I know, that one red coin is still kinda stupidly hard to get, it's already despawned off screen before I can shoot an egg there... is the GBA version making this harder?

ok this level requires way too much patience to try and beat it while getting all the stuff while also being high and wanting to beat the game before the high wears off... especially that one part where you gotta ride the chomp boulder across lava to get to a door... screw that, just gonna focus on trying to get to the end.

missing stars, 6 red coins, and a flower

the most fun and challenging maze cave level yet... I thought I went everywhere but I'm missing 2 red coins, and some stars..

some chomp chase sections, 1-time use platforms, and a lot of fast moving rail platforms... the next is more of the same, but now there's this new background art here, it's like some really weird looking scribbled in stars/moon pattern.. you really gotta trust these red platforms.
aw, missed a key somewhere for the bonus game door
next is an outdoor castle roof section, with lots of bandits... I'm getting ambushed a lot thanks to the GBA version's smaller screen... it didn't really become apparent how much worse the smaller screen is until this final world.
oh well... stars aren't an issue since I've played so many bonus games I have tons of unused star cards if I ever have everything but stars at the end of a level.
missing 1 red coin and stars

I now have 382 lives going into this final level
first section is with helicopter yoshi... kamek sometimes swoops at you... taking your time a little bit seems like it'd be the best strategy, but not really since that means you'd have to go up and down to avoid kamek a lot more often, and you'd be more likely to get hit by the skeleton goonies... the best way is just to move quickly along the coin trails where you're safe from the goonies, and try to time it so you only have to move out of kamek's way when you have to move up or down to the next coin trail.

then there's a door roulette the door you land on is just luck based. I went in the 2 door... some easy section with stilt guys and spear guys... next section has some weird longface shy guys... another blob monster fight for the key... and then the slow autoscroll kamek section before the boss...
wow kamek appears and shoots WAY faster in this than in Wooly World... shit, died right before the checkpoint.

this time I entered door 3... got a bunch of easy red coins and a block saying "RUN AWAY! HURRY!",  referring to the next room... a slow autoscroll room that slops up and down, with a giant tap-tap that jumps over gaps chasing you from behind, and bats coming from the front... that was easy

got to the boss, but missed a red coin in the kamek room because I was too busy dodging stuff...
giant baby bowser is really hard to hit when he gets way up close... it's easy up until you start making mistakes and then it gets harder the closer you let him get to you...
that took me a few tries actually... i'ts very easy to screw up and die on this final boss...

missing a ton of stars and 1 red coin... gotta remember to try doors 1 and 4 later.

746 points total in world 6

total points on all worlds, after playing through every level once while high:
800 + 769 + 723 + 780 + 747 + 746 = 4565/4800 = 95% completion rate
not including the extra levels that I haven't touched yet

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