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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

10 gaming video content creators I recommend

This is a list of my 10 most regularly watched youtube/twitch gaming channels, and my recommendations for anyone who happens to enjoy my blog and wants to see some of the other stuff that I'm into.

They don't do much anymore these days, but I've always enjoyed their commentary on various obscure, mediocre adventure games that would otherwise be very boring to watch on their own... and there was also the hilariously bad flash games that they did some amazing commentary on... They also used to riff other people's LP videos a long time ago, but they stopped doing that because it started to get stale and they were running out of fresh ideas.

This french Canadian dude loves his Mario fangames to death. He consistently uploads 2 videos per day on average, one being a Mario fangame LP and the other being a "B-side" LP of something other than Mario that his fans recommend for him. His commentary style is very weird and random when the gameplay is easy and boring, but when the gameplay gets serious his commentary gets very serious too and often you get to see his in-the-moment criticisms and complaints or praise for the games he's playing. I find it very entertaining, especially when he's playing something that I've played before myself.

If you want something like raocow, but with commentary ALWAYS being on the weird/random side, this channel has got you covered... His entire channel just consists of him playing retro ZX Spectrum games while rambling nonstop about the weirdest nonsense... The commentary gets REALLY weird at some points... in fact you'll probably get strange looks if people overhear you watching these videos.

The Geek Critique
His recent Metroid review series is honestly the most sincere, heartfelt love letter to a game series I've ever seen, and I enjoyed every second of it. I'm totally looking forward to his upcoming Metroid Prime review series. His earlier Donkey Kong review series was also very interesting and insightful (yes that's right, he acknowledges the ENTIRE Donkey Kong series, not just the DKC games like a lot of other people would do).

Mark Brown
His "Game Maker's Toolkit" series is incredibly insightful and fun to watch. But the thing that drew me in initially was his Zelda dungeon analysis series called "Boss Keys". This series was amazing... I have to give props to anyone that reviews the entire Zelda series and even gives proper time and attention to the underrated DS Zeldas, and to Skyward Sword which a lot of people didn't care about, but I adored that game and really appreciated his dungeon review of it.

snomaN gaming
Similar to Mark Brown, his "Good Game Design" series is very well thought out and interesting. He also does a lot of game recommendation videos with mini bite-sized reviews that usually match my own opinions fairly frequently.

Honestly I could do a whole other post for video game music cover artists, but this one is my absolute favorite and deserves a spot on my "top gaming video creators" list for sure. Her video game music vocal covers are so consistently amazing, every single upload she does I just have to click on instantly, and listen to it over and over while I wait for a download link... Other honorable mentions in this same category I'd like to plug: michelleheafy, insaneintherainmusic, itoki hana, Active NEETs, and brentalfloss.

His Mario Maker and Yoshi's Island speedrun highlight videos are dank as hell. As far as full-time twitch streamers go, his channel is pretty good because he also mixes in a healthy dosage of real-talk and other stuff in his streams, so it's not just super serious time all the time with his streams. Occasionally he also streams blind casual playthroughs of other games, and I've enjoyed watching him play Twilight Princess HD and Breath of the Wild for the first time. He says he's planning to do other Zelda games in the future that he's missed out on, I'm looking forward to that.

The Completionist
I don't usually care for these big name, superstar e-celeb youtube gamers, but if I had to pick one to include on this list it would be ma boy Jirard. His reviews have a very interesting take on them because he reviews games solely on the merit of whether he enjoyed the 100% completion aspect or not. Keep in mind he might be a bit biased against games that have a lot of things to do in them, because of how he forces himself to do EVERYTHING in a very short amount of time, with a lot of games in rapid succession, and the burnout he must feel from that probably affects his opinions somewhat... I watch these mainly for his unique take on reviewing stuff, not necessarily because I agree with his opinions.

Giant Bomb
This is my goto channel for checking out what's going on in the mainstream "gaming news" sphere. Even if I don't particularly care about a lot of the new mainstream stuff that comes out, it's kind of fun to see their take on it.

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