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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Star Fox 64 3D high session 1 - easy path

Started replaying this on 3DS while high.

First of all, 3DS mode vs N64 mode differences... 3DS mode basically just easier. You take less damage, losing a wing doesn't screw up your flying, less points required for Sector Z medal... may as well play on N64 mode. The voices and graphics are redone in both modes either way.

Mission 1: Corneria - Enter Star Fox
93 points on the easy path... lmao I am so rusty at this
I kinda miss the faces/text showing up on the same screen as the action so I can easily see the character faces when people are talking. I'm not usually paying attention to the bottom screen on 3DS.

Mission 2: Meteo - Into the Asteroid Field
177 poins... meh
Falco's the only one still in good health...

I'm starting to realize why this game is so great... it's like, it has the feel of a classic arcade shooter, but with the polish and quality of a full 1st party console game... the story and presentation are amazing... and the huge variety of paths to take... almost every level has 2 paths...

Mission 3: Fichina - Former Defense Post
18 points... wow terrible
intentionally failed to disarm the bomb so that I'd go to Sector X
Peppy is in repair now

Mission 4: Sector X - Combat Zone
146 points... decent I think?
Andross's secret weapon...
"I will terminate all enemies"
"Where is the creator?"
Slippy gets slapped... now I can't read the weapon's health bar...
also I noticed with Peppy gone, you miss out on all the strategic tips and little tidbits of background story he occasionally gives you throughout the level...

Mission 5: Titania - Arid Desert
113 points on the easy path... bleh
The only landmaster level in the game... really nice music
I'm down to 1 health just as I finished off the train boss... the team is all back together now, as they head towards Venom.

Mission 6: Bolse Defense Outpost
154 points
This level is really weird... the satellite thing that you gotta blow up is like, constantly moving around... it feels very different from a normal all-range mode mission where you're flying around in orbit on a planet or just out in open space.
Everybody screaming "Get this guy off my tail" all at once... took 2 tries to beat this level

Venom here we come
the easy version of this level is interesting... it's splits off into multiple paths several times, but always meets back up at the same place near the end. Each path is just a different kind of obstacle course, sometimes with a barrage of easy enemies to farm points on.
This part where you enter some creepy temple, with Andross's voice in the background... this atmosphere is amazing...
Down to 1 health fighting this Golem miniboss... somehow survived.
Fox goes into the tunnel alone...
lol just a straight path to the boss... Andross was a pussy
got 95 points on easy Venom...

Pepper: "join the Cornerian army plz omg"
Fox: "no"

dat cinematic ending sequence... dat 3d... dat soundtrack...

the real Andross laughs... yeah, laughing at my pathetic total score of 796...

Sound Test unlocked... now Peppy comes in at the end and hints about alternate paths

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