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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Star Fox 64 3D high session 3 - hard path

Mission 1: Corneria - Enter Star Fox
136 points on the hard path... not terrible, better than last time at least.

Mission 2: Sector Y Combat Zone
138 points
Falco dropped out here, damn

Mission 3: Aquas Ocean
113 points here
I used to have so much trouble with this level, but I can beat it easily without dying now.
another level with a "bioweapon" boss, which i guess is just an excuse for having a boss that doesn't talk

Mission 4: Zoness - Toxic Waste Area
228 points... pretty decent
gotta hit those searchlights.
Kat: "You trying to hit my pretty face?"
yes you dumb bitch get outta the way.
this bouncy toxic water messes you up so much if you run into it... why is the water on this planet so bouncy?
barely survived at that torpedo launching submarine boss

Mission 5: Sector Z Combat Zone
62 points... way short of the medal
This was one of the most memorable levels... it's so hype, having to protect the Great Fox from the missiles coming at it.
Failed the first try and had to try again for the hard path.
I guess the best way to go for points on this is to wait till that last minute to shoot down the missiles and focus on killing enemies before then.

Mission 6: Area 6 - Defense Station
204 points, damn I'm slipping...
Started the level with no bombs left, and single laser... only had double laser when I got to the boss... it took a while to kill because of that.

Slippy dropped out during the Star Wolf fight... again I barely managed to escape Venom with just 1 health left... epic
got 207 points on Venom 2

1088 points overall... come to think of it I guess the total points comparisons don't mean anything when you're taking a different level route each time.

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