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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fantasy Zone playthrough log

Fantasy Zone screenshot Fantasy Zone screenshot Fantasy Zone screenshot Fantasy Zone screenshot

There's a lot of different ports of this game... from the comments in I gathered that the 3DS version is the definitive port. it's exactly like the original arcade version, but with stereoscopic 3d.

Damn this is hard... the enemies get really numerous very quickly... I can't even figure out how to kill the first boss before he crushes me.

Read up on the game mechanics to try and learn how to get better...
7 stages/bosses, and then a boss rush.
Item shops randomly appear if you have enough money and either just died or it's the start of a stage. the only items worth getting are the laser beam, 7-way shot, wings or jet engine, Twin bombs (infinite use), smart bombs (one time use), and heavy bomb (makes the final boss much easier)...
Also a "select shop" appears under some very specific circumstance, that lets you switch out your shot/bomb type if you have more than 1. probably not very useful to hold more than 1 thing since you lose all your items when you die anyway.
The shop having a timer makes it very frantic... was that even necessary? lol it usually just makes me haphazardly choose something at random rather than think about my strategy.

Here's a few good tips...
The value of the generators decreases so fast, and the enemies are worth so much less, and the enemies get so hard and have such a high probability of killing you at almost any instant, and the items are so expensive, and you need them so much, that you have almost no choice but to kill the generators as fast as possible to get the majority of your cash. Spending any large amount of time on small enemies is futile, since you will invariably make a mistake and die way before you can possibly afford another life. The regular enemies increase in number and shoot more with time also.
Select balloon strategy:
You can buy a fire bomb, which increases in price the most slowly among the one-use bombs, and a beam weapon in a shop and equip the fire bomb but not the beam weapon to face the stage. Then just before destroying the last generator, use the bomb to make the select balloon come, then switch to the beam weapon so you have most of it for the boss.

I guess the bosses have weak spots, you have to hit. that's why I was unable to kill the first boss when I got to him.

Now that I know the basic mechanics and strategy, I'm getting a bit farther each try...
Man this game is hard. it took me a few tries to finally get passed the 3rd boss... and then the 4th level comes and kicks my ass.. the extra lives get more expensive each time so you can really only get like 3 or 4 of them throughout the game. It seems the laser shot and jet engine are a necessity for getting through the levels quickly before the enemies start piling up on you.

I don't find that bombs are all that useful yet.. although maybe the smart bombs would be useful from stage 4 on because of how easily the enemies can surround you.

Reading more of the guide... looks like stage 4 would be easy if you use a laser and stick to the bottom where all the generators are, and just ignore the coins to finish it quickly before your laser goes away. It looks like it gets much harder after that too... bosses 6 and 7 practically require heavy bombs.

lmao, this game also loops and gets harder and harder each time you beat it. The guide creator says he doesn't have the patience to try and beat it a 5th time to see if it increases even more beyond that. I'll be happy just to beat it once without cheating. Or maybe for now I'll at least aim for making it passed the 7th boss legitimately, and then I can savestate at the start of the boss rush in order to practice that part until I can beat all the bosses...

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