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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Yoshi's Island high playthrough log part 3

4-1 is an easy outdoor level with nothing new going on... just a lot more koopa enemies than usual

4-2 is a lakitu cave level.. it's really easy to get hit when there's a bunch of these around.. it's mostly linear, but has a lot of vertical dropoffs and wide open spaces. this introduces the pow block that turns all enemies into stars, and also this one vertical falling section where you have to hover to collect coins, there's a really useful hint here that tells you what the magnifying glass is used for... it makes all red coins visibly red

4-3 is a very big wide open outdoor area... has limited step platforms and balloon platforms that take you up higher... a lot of verticality in this level... although later on I think the lower section is just a death pit.. it's getting to the point now where I'm getting ambushed a lot if I move forward too quickly... pretty tough... but so far I've gotten 100 pts on every stage in world 4

got the roulette wheel minigame for the first time... lol I'm at like 150 lives so far... lives are pretty useless in this game

4-4 marching milde's forte
I love how you can see like another level in the distance in the background, with shyguys walking around and stuff... this kind of thing is in Woolly World too but by then it wasn't as unique
got chased by a giant chainless chomp... then an inside castle area with a locked door and 4 different doors to go in, you need a key from each area I guess...
an easy rotating ball section
a lava platforming section (including a new bucket boating mechanic... the only challenge to it for now is if you don't eat the podoboo when you try to pass by it with the bucket, you'll get hit and fall in the lava
a section with spiky helmet bandits (you can eat them, they're whatever) and 3d flipping platforms... got ambushed by a snifit lol
a confusing loop around area with one way (jump up through) floors and cannons, snifits, and bandits... I think I got everything here
yep, got everything... marching milde boss is easy but fun... just keep stomping on him and breaking him into smaller pieces...

4-5 is really cool... mostly downhill slopes and switch bridges... to get 100% you need to push a chomp rock all the way through it and it's really easy to screw up..
aww.. broke my 100% streak here... somehow missed two flowers even though I thought I brought the chomp rock everywhere...

I'm noticing that pretty much the whole common theme of world 4 is using lots of koopas in every level.. except for 4-4 which had a bunch of other enemy types

4-6 is a level about cloud bridges and water.. introduces the idea of diving into the water a bit to go underneath some of the islands...
the 2nd part is an indoor cave with platforming over water...
wow, this one optional area is really confusing... a very wide open space with ball floating eatable ball platforms that can switch between left/right and up/down by shooting them... it's hard to tell if you've got everything, and you can easily fall into spikes and die
this 3rd water platforming/cloud bridge section is pretty confusing... the last few red coins and flower are kinda well hidden.. and an awkwardly places shooting piranha plant near the end (the difficulty from this might've been because of the GBA version's smaller viewable area)

4-7... a really fun rail platforming level... this level design is genius

4-8 hookbill the koopa's castle
this level is confusing as hell... I never know which way is to progress and which way is to stuff...
wow... found a really well hidden kill room for a red coin, shot a breakable part of the ceiling to get to it...
a tricky cloud staircase that requires you to follow a shell.. leading to a door that you actually NEED to go to for the key
what the hell... this lakitu with a fishing hook... wow what an annoying enemy... he's like the fishing boo from SMW except he can chase you vertically... you can eat or shoot them, but they respawn very quickly... I grabbed the red coins and got the hell out of that room
a fun little block breaking room right before the boss...
this giant koopa boss is actually kinda tricky to figure out his pattern... you really gotta react quickly when he's jumping toward you

got 780 pts in world 4... 4-5 was the only level I didn't get first try perfect

my general rule playing through this game is don't retry a level for 100% unless I know exactly where the stuff I missed is (no retrying if stars were the only thing I missed either)

5-1 Blizzard!
introduces the lightning lakitus that throw aimed lightning at you... but you can easily eat them before they finish their throw.
and also the spikeball throwing enemies from SMB3 are in this
also penguin enemies... they don't directly hurt you, just bounce you around
the level design is a bit open ended, but also linear... found the key and the door to the bandit minigame, and a pipe leading to a helicopter coin collection room
there's also an icy cave section...
this level is really well designed... missed one red coin from a fly guy

first section is just pushing a snowball and crushing all the enemies...
next there's a really annoying/tough snow lift platforming section where lakitus constantly come right at me and knock me off right when I'm the least able to react to them, like if I'm aiming at a cloud or something...
it's easier if you push the hidden red switch at the beginning and the 2nd one after, that makes a red block bridge appear, but it only lasts a few seconds... this section was really hard... there's some coins you can only get while the red bridges are active, but none of them are red.. I went and backtracked for the red switches after getting everything else... it took a bunch of deaths before I got used to dealing with the lakitus on a small moving snow lift platform... and the flying penguins everywhere.. both of which infinitely respawn
the 2nd half of this level is fun... a bunch of unkillable snowman enemies that are just minding their own business, snowboarding and riding the snow lifts...
there's a lot of potential offscreen secrets you might need to hover to from the snow lifts I dunno, but I'm mostly just staying on them and trusting the level... it's pretty much just a tricky, linear scrolling small platform section... some of the penguins are hard to avoid due to the blizzard lowering your visibilty...
let the snow lift put me through the goal ring... what an amazing level holy shit

the first part of level has fire melons, and ice you can melt with fire breath... and water squirting fish... and bucket boating... and some tricky tiny carousel platforming...
so far this world is just constant 10/10 levels
then a baby mario star run where you pretty much die if you don't make it to the end... and a helicopter coin collection room, not sure if there are red coins here or not, but it lets you get back and try again by grabbing a penguin and bouncing off it... okay yeah there's no red coins in here
more ski lifts... just found out you can actually kill the happy snowmen by just jumping on them... this part is hard, I actually died here a few times, which is annoying cuz the checkpoint is way back at the mario star run part
it's really easy to fall below the point where you can possibly hover back to safety... I think part of the reason is because when you bounce off a snowman, you can't hover for bit until you start falling below where you were...
finally past that part... still no checkpoint... next is ice block platforming with penguins..
phew, checkpoint...
skiing section... kinda tough, it kinda feels like DKC3 style difficulty
hell yeah... got 100 pts on the hardest level yet... I guess it was technically first try, except I died like 10 or 15 times here

5-4 sluggy the unshaven's fort
this level has swinging ghost tonsil things.. and weird slug enemies that you can slurp up, or jump on to temporarily turn them into mush... but can't eat them
also these weird squishy/bouncy yellow things... you don't bounce very high off them, and you can stand on them just fine.. it just feels weird
wait what the hell... back at the beginning, there's a door you can go in, leading to a room with just a chained chomp in it, and nothing else... this is a pretty cool easter egg
this level is actually kinda hard... some moving platforms over spikes... and some criss crossing cloud bridges that look like one blocks out the other... how were you supposed to know which one to do first?
wow, this level is actually really hard... I think the bats in the later section are infinitely respawning... also there's like 5 different ways to go or something wtf
you can use the bats to hop up and take shortcuts, but it's risky cuz you might get ambushed by one of those tonsil ghosts...
uh.. wtf, I see a flower and some coins beneath a bridge... but there's nowhere to go except up the pipe to the next room... maybe it'll put me down there at some point?
oh shit this is one of my favorite autoscroll platform sections... the platform ghost..
died a bunch of times here, trying to get everything even though I'm sure I already missed something earlier, at least wanna see how much I can get first try...
oh and found out how to get beneath that bridge... you can just barely see the lower path from the seesaw
phew... made it to the boss. only missing 2 red coins
this slug boss is really interesting... it just constantly moves forward and tries to force you off the edge, and you have to shoot through its slimy body to its hard 3 or 4 times before it comes to that...

the goonie enemies... you can ride them through the air or eat them.. most of them can't hurt you if you are on the ground, but some of them carry shyguys and drop them on you
there's also fat goonies, and shy guys hiding in flowers... and flower enemies that shoot bubbles... wow... and it's like a completely different theme now than the first half of world 5... first half was snow world, 2nd half is like spring sky world
after that kinda mellow but still tough-ish platforming section, then there's an open ended helicopter section.. it's kinda hard cuz if you get hit by a goonie when you're not overtop of a platform you'll die
then a really hard moving platform section with shooting piranha plants all over the place... there's also a red switch/block run through this part that only rewards coins.. I got all the red coins but missing 2 flowers somehow

heh... I bet 99 lives at roulette and got x2... now at over 300 lives
missing 2 flowers somehow...

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