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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness - Henry, Reinhardt, and Carrie playthrough log

Castlevania screenshot Castlevania screenshot Castlevania screenshot Castlevania screenshot


It is now 8 years later after Cornell's story ended... while Reinhart and Carrie are battling Dracula, Henry was sent to the castle to rescue the 6 kids trapped there, in 7 days...

Henry's objectives:
Silent Forest
Castle Wall
Annex to the Evil Castle
Underground Passage
Underground Waterway
Outer Wall

Henry is a generic armored soldier, with a gun with infinite ammo, and a sword... normal enemies and most bosses are a complete joke with this character. the only difficulty is in finding where the 6 children are and getting through the levels fast enough... I think I'ld like this better without the time limit honestly. All of the children are pretty hard to find.

in Silent Forest, the child is hidden in a tunnel behind a breakable wall, at a dead end pit where you normally wouldn't need to go...
In Castle Wall, the child is on a ledge in the middle of the left side tower. after you get him you can just go back down the tower and exit the level...
in Villa, the child is in a random part of the maze... I didn't follow a guide entirely but just to get some landmarks for where the child and the exit are... I managed to figure the rest out on my own.

After the villa, it only lets you go to one of the 3 remaining levels depending on what time of day it is... wtf is this shit. this is a really stupid way of adding difficulty.

I ended up at the Spider Tunnel (Underground Passage?) first... this level is terrible.. just a giant foggy cave with junctions everywhere and some platforming over poison water... almost every room looks the same. there's a gondola riding part in the middle that's a little different at least... and the worst of it is that the child is hidden in a room blocked by a moon door, and the exit is behind a sun door... there's also a spider boss at the end. I managed to beat it with still about 4 days left.

now... uh... it's 9am so I guess I'll be going to the Underground Waterway next...

oh okay, that one didn't take long at all... I didn't even need a guide for it. This level is a bit maze-like, but I found the child easily before I got too far in, and there's a teleporter leading back to the villa coffin right at the beginning...

and now it's 4:30pm, perfect, that means it'll send me right to the last place I need to go, the Outer Wall...
... that one was really hard to find... I got a bit of help from a guide but still had to look around myself... without any guide at all I would've had to stop and look around at every area... it probably would've taken multiple attempts and would require writing down the optimal path to take so that I don't have to waste time searching again..

And with that, I've unlocked Hard Mode, Cornell's alt costume, Reinhart's story, Reinhart's alt costume, Carrie's story, and Carrie's alt costume.

I guess I'll try Hard Mode with one of the 3 main characters eventually, but for now I just want to beat the game legit on Normal Mode with either Reinhart or Carrie... never going to play that awful Henry story ever again.



Went through the first 3 levels (Foggy Lake, Silent Forest, Castle Wall) with Reinhardt very easily without using any healing items. I did die a few times at the first boss and the castle wall boss though, and had to regain my powerups...

The Villa is a bit different with Reinhardt/Carrie... you meet Rosa in the Rose Garden, a vampire who hasn't started attacking humans yet... then you meet a vampire hunter in the house and he gives you the key to the archives, and in the archives you get the key to the garden... if you explore that first hedge maze section before meeting the blue haired kid, you can see the frankenstein monster in a corner of the maze, fixing his chainsaw.. if you attack him he'll start chasing you early.

Then comes the annoying part... you meet Malus, the blue haired kid, in the hedge maze, and at that point the two dog statues at the entrance come alive and start attacking you, and the frankenstein monster starts constantly chasing you... all of these enemies are invincible and can only be stunned. The dogs don't hurt you, but they can stop you from moving long enough for the chainsaw monster to hit you and he takes out a LOT of damage. While following Malus to the exit, you have to keep turning back every few seconds to attack these enemies or else they'll take a lot out of you and waste a lot of chickens... also Malus is very fast and is hard to keep up with.

I died at the first attempt. You don't even gain access to the 2nd part of the hedge maze until after you talk to Malus, so there's no way to just explore that ahead of time while it's safe and memorize where to go. I managed to make it through the 2nd try though with only using a few chickens.

I think I'm gonna try not buying anything from Renon this time... instead I'll take my time collecting every item and make it so I get the extra boss that appears when you take too long.

From where you got Malus to the exit, you can get back into the house from the door that was locked on the other side, and you find the copper key there and can now just go back to the first hedge maze entrance and get to that door that needed a copper key, which is very easy to find... the invincible monsters are still roaming the hedge maze so you can't really do a full item sweep of the 2nd maze area, and I don't think there's anything to find there anyway besides the chicken inside that gated garden.

and yeah, the Tunnel level... it's the same spider/bat infested tunnel that I had to go through with Henry. I still remember where to go pretty much... I managed to fully explore this area without a guide pretty easily... it loops around a lot. That spider boss is actually super easy... after that I met Rosa again.. she tries to kill herself by stepping into the beam of sunlight coming down from the tunnel ceiling.. Reinhardt stops her, then she says he'll regret refusing to kill a vampire just because she looks like a girl...


Castle Center... the infamous nitro level.

this place is really big and intimidating, but there's not really many ways you can get lost. there's a lot of different vampire enemies here but they are all pretty easy, especially when you have whip powerups.

wtf... I brought the nitro all the way down to the place it was needed, but it didn't work. am I missing something still? I do kinda remember another part to this puzzle from the last time I played, but I've been everywhere and I haven't found anything other than the nitro.

oh... there was a door I forgot about. it leads through a series of rooms (one of them you have to battle like 8 lizards before you can go through the door), leading to the other side of that hallway area where the nitro is... there I met a friendly lizard man, who tells me I need both the nitro and the mandragora to destroy the breakable wall, and he gives me the key to the torture chamber where the mandragora is.

 I went to that room with the nitro, and on the other side Malus was there, he taunts Reinhardt and says he'll never escape this castle... oh, and since I already grabbed some nitro from the opposite side and disposed of it into the disposal chute when I realized I didn't know where to use it... at least I think that's how this works, otherwise the whole "no jumping or getting hit" obstacle course I had to go through was for nothing.

oh, I get it... checked a guide and found out there are TWO places you need to put the nitro and mandragora. one of them is in that giant boss room near the beginning... yikes, that means I have to get through that first hallway with the hellhounds while carrying nitro... the first place where you need nitro/mandragora leads to a library that you can climb up through several secret ceiling holes and get to some big room that displays the stars/planets.. and you have to use the hints given to you by the 3 statues that were in this level to arrange the statues at the locations of Venus, Mars, and Neptune... and that disables the seal on the cracked wall in the giant bull room so you can now blow that up with nitro/mandragora.

Now there's no need to ever come back to this side of the nitro hallway. I need to go back through that first nitro path that I went through a couple times already when I didn't know what I was doing, and this time I need to bring nitro all the way back to the giant bull room near the beginning.

I somehow lucked out, the hellhounds didn't spawn when I got back there with the nitro... either that or I killed them so quickly with my axes I never even saw them. it also helps that I now know my way around this level 100%...

blowing up that wall in the giant bull room lead to a thing to release the magic on the elevator in that room with the blood monsters. I knew that had to be a non-optional thing... and this also made the dead bull come alive and start attacking... this boss battle is really easy if you stay locked onto him and side-jump around a lot to dodge all his attacks.. I never even got hit once. Then after that, before getting back to the elevator room, you meet Rosa and Death, and Rosa is now more of a vampire than before and she attacks you... another boss battle already? this was pretty easy too though, I only got hit a few times.

finally, got to the end of the Castle Center level... that alone took over 2 hours. I still need to do this level one more time on Carrie's route. according to the guide the only thing different is the hellhounds in the first hall are replaced by biker skeletons.. and probably also that Rosa scene is changed or removed.


Duel Tower is kind of hard... a bunch of tough miniboss battles with a bit of easy platforming in between... luckily you get a lot of savepoints here and also some powerups...

Execution Tower is an easy linear lava platforming level... if I hadn't died a couple times due to sloppy playing I could've kept my powerups all through this...

Room of Clocks... just a very easy boss battle against death... Rosa sacrifices herself to save Reinhardt

Clock Tower... this level was in Cornell's story... such a ridiculous platforming level... but the 2nd last save point before you unlock the exit has an opportunity to grab two powerups, so it's worth it to keep a save there. I ended the level with max healing items and max powerups, but not max special weapons...

got the bad ending where I took too long, had to fight vampire Vincent, and then the game ended after beating Dracula's first form. Reinhardt saved Malus, but he still had the feeling that Dracula would return some day... then there's a scene where Reinhardt and Malus are riding off on a horse, and it ends with an ominous zoom in on Malus's red eyes...


May as well start Carrie's story, because the early game is just a lot of relaxing super easy stuff... this time I'm focused on going fast, so that I can get to the good ending. I'm still going for items mostly to stock up on chicken/beef/cures and money to buy more of that if needed, but I'm not going too far out of my way to find them this time, unless I am sure it will be worth it. I took the silent forest skip and beat that level in record time... Carrie makes the bosses in this game even easier than they were before with her long range homing charge attacks..

So far, for the first 4 levels, the only part that is different is Vincent in the Villa talks to Carrie differently than he did Reinhardt.. he treats her like a lost child... the Rosa part and the Malus part are the same..

I still had some trouble with the Villa. Carrie's normal attacks aren't reliable enough to stop the dogs, so I have to use up all my jewels and stop them with axes... I made it through without too much trouble. rescuing Malus was the only hard part. after that, getting to where you need to use the copper key is really easy.

The Waterway level is annoying. there's a lot of those slow ledge-sidling sections that are mostly for optional items, but they are worth it... this level is kinda non-linear, but you quickly figure out that every wrong path just leads to a dead end with some items, or a loop around... this one hard part I was stuck on for a while was where you needed to go across this very tiny path across the poison water, while enemies jump out constantly but fail to hit you because they can't land on the tiny platform... then you hit a switch that opens a door, and that leads to another switch that turns off the waterfall that is in your way... it's very easy to die here...

Then there's the serpent boss, which is in the same room as the spider boss on Reinhardt's path.. it is pretty easy but I did have to use a chicken. After that, Carrie meets Actrise, a witch working to revive Dracula... then you get to Castle Center.

Also I'm not bothering with trying to avoid the Renon fight this time. I think I'll be able to easily take him out and still have time to spare to get to the real ending.

Castle Center... I find this level pretty easy now, but it's still kind of a pain in the ass with Carrie, cuz her attacks aren't very strong and there's a lot of rooms where you have to fight vampires or lizards before you can go through them.. all that back and forth, fighting those damn lizards and vampires like 4 times, so annoying...
In Carrie's version, there are biker skeletons in the first hallway that shoot at you, and it makes the last part of the Nitro mission really easy to die on.
That giant undead dog boss was fun... I had no power upgrades and Carrie's long range attacks were so wimpy I had to rely on meleeing its legs.. I found out that you only do damage to it when you hit its skeleton body..
after that, Actrise shows up again, and she brings a vampire'd relative of Carrie's to fight her... THIS boss battle is bullshit. this girl shoots homing attacks at you constantly, and they are almost impossible to dodge. when you are up close and try to melee her, she does an unavoidable freeze attack on you.. I defeated her just by tanking the hits and meleeing her while getting frozen a bunch.

Tower of Science... I remember this from Cornell's story. Just a straightforward platforming level. but it's pretty brutal.. turrets everywhere... this level is definitely meant for Carrie, since her long range attacks autoaim for the turrets even when you aren't directly facing towards them, so you can easily run around and dodge while shooting them. There's this one really hard room with unkillable rocket turrets, where you have to jump across platforms while dodging them, get the key, then jump back across the room.. this took me a few tries but it was fun.

Tower of Sorcery... yep that's what I thought.. it's another linear platforming level with moving and disappearing platforms, and enemies that are easy to take out with Carrie.. I died a bunch of times on this, but never had to use food. it's very short...

Room of Clocks... this must be where I fight Actrise. Carrie hates this person, because she killed her own child in order to gain Dracula's power.
this boss is hard.. mostly because I can hardly ever hit her... I can dodge most of her stuff if I just keep running in circles though.

Clock Tower... same shit as always... this level is extremely easy to me now.

Castle Keep... I managed to get here in time for the good ending as well as avoid the Renon fight. After defeating the decoy Dracula, the castle stairway collapses, and Carrie sees Malus riding by on a horse as she escapes... Malus is actually the real Dracula.

His first form is easy.. same sort of thing as the fake Dracula, where he teleports around the room and attacks, and with Carrie's charge attacks I take him out easily.

His final form however... it's a dragon with a whole bunch of nearly incomprehensible attacks, I think I can probably beat him if I go all out and use up my 10 chickens, 10 beefs, and 3 healing kits, but some of his attacks take out like 50% of my health so it's still really hard.

Whenever I manage to beat this, I'll then start a playthrough of Cornell on hard mode...

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