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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Metroid Fusion high playthrough log part 3

Sector 3 - PYR - Part 2

6 minutes until meltdown... I have to go to an area of the map that is still grey and get to the boiler control room by then... the way to get to that grey area is not obvious, it's an opening that is hidden from the map.. I was there before but couldn't go further down from there until getting the varia suit. fought a scientist that was infected by X and gained the "Wide Beam".

Got an energy tank and a couple missles on the way back. There's still one more uncollected dot but it's out of the way, and I don't even know if I can get it yet or not.

Main Deck - Part 2

Commander theorizes that the X sees Samus as such a great threat to their species, they were willing to sacrifice themselves and SA-X to take out this station and everyone in it... he detected life forms in a part of the Main Deck I haven't been to yet, and restored power to that elevator so I could go there... the life forms were just the animals Samus saved in the previous game.. Commander says this confirms that all the crew members have been wiped out now... then he points me to the data room in Sector 5 to get the power bombs...

Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot

Sector 5 - ARC - Part 2

This place is still pretty creepy even now that the blue parasites don't hurt you... There's still that big shadow that flies by occasionally...

After finding a hidden path with the power bombs, SA-X shows up and starts walking around... I am in control the whole time, and now instead of just waiting for SA-X to leave I have to actually confront him and escape while being chased. You can't avoid getting caught by SA-X no matter what. The power bomb you need to get out of here will alert it... you just have to freeze it with the ice beam and run away and hope it doesn't shoot you a few times with its wave ice beam.

That was actually a very brief chase sequence.. it lost me after I went through a morph ball path... SA-X is strong but it doesn't have very good exploration skills.

Got all the stuff in sector 5 that I could... Commander tells me there's some important information that he can only tell me back at the ship... on the way to the main deck, the elevator's power goes out, and you are forced down a linear green map path that leads to the room where Ridley is stored in frozen containment.. when you get near it, the X that's inhabiting it runs away...

Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot

Main Deck - Part 2.5

This one room has some really creepy alien monsters crawling around in an unreachable morphball path above, and their toxic drool falls straight through the ceiling.. the only way to go is entirely linear, but you do need to find certain breakable blocks on your own to get through it...

Got back to the ship, and Commander tells me the main solo has lost power.. and points me to an unmapped target where the auxiliary power system is... I guess that breaks my theory that Commander isn't hiding any of the map from you, and that he literally doesn't know about anything outside of the pink area...

oh, and without power, all of the grey, blue, green, and yellow doors are now unpassable again. That leaves you with very few options for exploring, and forces you to search out breakable blocks to find a path. This is something I really like about this game. In Super Metroid all of those hidden breakable block paths usually only lead to optional areas where you can find missiles or energy tanks or other stuff to make the game easier. In Fusion, the way that various paths become inaccessible later on in the story, forces you to find other hidden paths that you normally wouldn't think would be necessary.

This silo area has X infected space pirate alien enemies.. what are they doing here? They are infected by the X so maybe the X brought them here?

Then there's a spider boss with a really easy 1st form where the optimal strategy is just stand near the wall and shoot up when its weak point opens up... its 2nd form is a bit tougher, and it gives you a big hint that the power you'll get from this boss is the space jump...

Another navigation room right after I start the auxillery power... only some things are working now.. elevators and doors are still offline.. my next objective is to find the vegetation that is blocking the main power... no map target given this time..

Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot

whoa... I'm really stoned right now and just noticed how cool looking the illusory 3d effect of the background of the map screen is... like when you see it on a big screen with an emulator and move around while looking at it.

Found a hidden path into sector 2...

Sector 2 - TRO - Part 2

I notice there's still quite a lot of unexplored green map areas here... but a lot of the paths are now blocked off due to overgrown vegetation in the area. After wandering around a bit I encountered SA-X, and at very low health because of that boss that I was very sloppy at despite it being easy.. I got game over and had to grind back to full health to get passed this part... found a safe area that SA-X gives up chasing me at... I guess SA-X doesn't have morphball ability? or maybe it just can't see me the morphball path? yeah I guess it's the latter, because otherwise it'd just try to shoot me through the wall with its wave beam.

It's getting pretty hard to find some of these hidden paths, although it is kind of a bit too linear at this point due to the fact that all the doors are offline and there's always a very limited amount of places you can go. Also these flying giant bug enemies are a real pain, they a whole close range wide charge beam to kill, and if you miss and they hit you, they take out at least a whole energy tank.

Wow...this plant boss is incredibly hard... the thing you need to kill doesn't do anything, but the flowers that you can't kill are constantly shooting homing shots at you (and you also can't kill the shots)... AND the flowers at the bottom suck you in and drain your health. I don't know how you're supposed to even dodge all these projectiles. good thing I found that save point that isn't behind any doors.

Sucks that I had to grind all the way back to full health though... had to figure out a strategy to kill these 2 strong flying enemies over and over without getting hit (they take out like a whole energy tank per hit). This boss is pretty awesome and kind of a challenge even when you know what to do.

The 1st phase of this boss is crazy... first of all, you won't stand a chance unless you stand on the upper platform. then, in you have to very quickly alternate between shooting a missile at the boss, and then turning and shooting missiled while short-hopping to hopefully kill the next projectile before it hits you...

The 2nd phase, the flowers at the top are now dead, and the boss itself shoots lazers at you that you can easily avoid by jumping straight up or ducking.. and can easily shoot it while standing on that high platform since your standing position puts your shots exactly in between where he shoots out his upper/lower lasers... and the lower flowers can now shot out the same projectiles the other ones did, except they don't have much range from the ground.

The 3rd phase is another shielded parasite boss... died here due to sloppy playing in the 2nd phase.

Got the plasma beam... Commander is surprised to find out that I managed to get the plasma beam back. I'm almost back to full power now, but SA-X is still stronger, with its wave plasma beam and screw attack...

Suddenly Commander detects an explosion in Sector 5... Grey doors are now unlocked... and the vegetation that blocked off a lot of paths is gone now... and there's still a couple more unmapped areas I might be able to get to in TRO before going to see what has changed in Sector 5.

Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot Metroid Fusion screenshot

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