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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fatal Frame playthrough summary/review

Quick summary of my playthrough of this game...

Clear Time: 09:55:09
Total Points: 114547
Rank D

This game was really good. Even though it had a lot of that early PS2 era jankiness with the controls and you'd often get stuck on the walls, it was a lot of fun despite those flaws.

Got a rank D for my score because I missed a lot of the vanishing ghosts in the first chapter, and probably because of that I also wasn't able to fully upgrade my camera until near the end of the game, so I wasn't getting good shots on most of the enemies for at first also. A lot of the time I would just stun-lock them until they were dead but that used up so much of my film...

I was doing that for at least the first 2 chapters... The 3rd chapter was just entirely comprised of re-exploring parts of the mansion you've already been to, but with much, MUCH harder enemies. I barely made it through the 3rd chapter with like a sliver of life left and no healing items. By the end of that chapter I had most of the camera upgrades, and was able to start taking "Zero Shots" instead of stun-locking spam in order to save film and gain more points, but it was still hard.

The final chapter was kind of stupidly easy, it was like chapter 1 difficulty. It still had a really tense atmosphere though because I didn't know what to expect. The last boss was a joke too... I really liked the ending. The whole game has a really cool story.

Not sure if I'll move onto the 2nd game right away, or take a bit of a break from this in order to not get burnt out on the gameplay...

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