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Monday, October 17, 2016

Fatal Frame playthrough log part 1

Fatal Frame box cover artFatal Frame box cover artFatal Frame box cover artFatal Frame box cover art

I really like this atmosphere... at first you're playing as some guy coming here for research, and everything is grainy and in black and white.. The game teaches you the camera controls and stuff... Then you show up to the mansion as that guy's sister, a few weeks later... You find his camera and some notes from him.

The controls are really clunky and bad though. I'm really looking forward to playing the Wii U one which seems like a perfect fit for camera controls. Also I really hate how you don't get a prompt for any of the stuff you can examine... Oh well I guess all of the things you NEED to examine are highlighted at least.

wtf I am totally stuck already in the first section of the mansion. Every door is locked, and I've walked around everywhere several times...
Oh... so I guess there's certain hidden doors that you have to reveal by taking a picture of it...


Holy shit, that really creepy effect that happens when you leave the screen paused... Bloody handprints showing up all over the screen... That is crazy.

Played for 2.5 hours tonight... Now I understand that when the camera icon turns blue, it means there is something nearby that you can take a picture of with the camera to reveal something that can't normally be seen... The icon glowing blue means that you are near a hidden object or stationary ghost that you need to shoot with the camera... The viewfinder gives you further hints about where that thing is... When the icon glows red, it means there is a mobile ghost nearby that you need to shoot... There's a lot to get used to, but it's fun once you do get used to it.

The 2 kinds of mobile ghosts are wandering ghosts that escape if you don't shoot them in time, and attack ghosts that chase you and attack you.

I'm really liking this game now. The controls take a bit getting used to, and I'm still often screwing up which button does what... I hate how sometimes you need to run away from the attack ghosts but there is literally no space to run around them and you just have to get attacked... The teleporting ghosts are especially hard, they are like boss battles...

The creepiest part yet was when I was in this room filled with expensive looking dolls on shelves... and kid voices kept calling out to me wanting me to play... and when I found the seal needed to destroy the talisman that was blocking a door in another room, at that point the children ghosts started crawling on the floor and coming toward me... Such ridiculously scary atmosphere there holy shit... Even after the ghosts were gone this room was still unsettling...

I also really like the puzzles... This kind of stuff is really addicting. it's kind of like Luigi's Mansion where you just gotta inspect everything and hope you find the object you need to open a passage in another area.. and sometimes you need to inspect with the camera... The wandering ghosts are sometimes really hard to get. They always appear within the viewing area of the screen, but not always within the viewing area of the camera in your current location.

I'm still on the Strangling Ritual chapter... I think I'm getting near the end of it though... I'm outside the mansion now, and just unlocked a torch to find some kind of key object that I probably need somewhere, and got to another outdoor area with a really hard boss ghost and a save point...

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