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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse playthrough log part 2/3

That 4th island was great... Shantae got captured by the people in the pyramid who thought they were her princess.. and apparently they also captured Risky, Sky, and Rottytops too.. Shantae's cell is the only one that has an escape route. you have to do some easy stealth bits to get passed the guards, and then explore the pyramid to look for keys and rescue the other girls... The actual structure of this area is huge, I got lost in it for like a couple hours... Then finally after rescuing all of the captured girls, the real princess shows up, back from shopping, and we're let go.

The 5th island, Mud Bog... here's where we're getting a lot more lore. Apparently in the 2nd game when Risky took Shantae's magic and converted it into dark magic, and she thought she had destroyed it at the end, that dark magic actually just got scattered about... and now the pirate master is using this dark magic to control Risky's crew, cuz they are like genies now... something like that.

This level is pretty tough. I actually died a few times. Got Risky's speedboost boots here..

By the time you get back to skuttle town again, the ammo baron has completely transformed it by now... I find out I'm able to complete that sword guy's sidequest by using speedboost in the desert island.. Then I find out those 2 girls who went bathing in saliva island, they actually work for the ammo baron.

6th island, Frostbite.. I'm not sure if you had to do that one sidequest in order to trigger this, but now the ammo baron is here, carrying out his next plan to take over all of Sequin land.

A bit farther on is Propeller town, where the Techno baron is working to help out the ammo baron. This place is cool, there's a lot of platforming and exploration using all of the abilities you have currently. Bolo is here working for the techno baron for some reason. There's a lot of verticality in this level... feels like I'll probably get a moon jump ability soon or something like that.

Got the targeting module from Bolo... Then I realized I needed to go back to the zombies and get them to help me restore Barracuda Joe's soul... and there was some nice side story between Rotty and Shantae, since Shantae met Rotty's living self in the dead world on island 5...

lmao oh wow, the targeting module that Bolo made for the ammo baron, it was actually targeting techno baron, instead of sequin palace. owned

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