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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse playthrough log part 3/3

The last dungeon has Risky's Cannon. it lets you quadruple jump... This is the big endgame item right here. Now I'll be able to go through each island again and try to collect everything.

After I gained the map to the pirate master's island, Grave Island, I went there immediately, and I think I missed out on some extra dialog in scuttle town because of this...

Risky got captured by the pirate master (her old boss, who got revived thanks to Shantae losing her magic, or something).. and now when I go back to scuttle town, it is completely taken over. Everything is all dark, and nobody is in town except for the shops and Sky.

The palace is also completely different now. It's an actual dungeon. I used my new ability to go up through the palace, and it had a bunch of long platforming gauntlet rooms that made use of all my abilities and had a lot of 1 hit semi-kill spikes and shit...

At the end is the pirate master boss.. beat him and you get the bad ending.

Total Play Time: 09:02:50
Heart Squids Collected: 25/32
Dark Magic Collected: 17/20

In order to get the good ending, you have to collect all the dark magic and go back to Grave Island.

I didn't feel like just backtracking to every room I've been in, so I used a guide to find the rest of the stuff I was missing... most of the squids I missed were just stuff that I would've found myself from backtracking everywhere, but a few were hidden in some false walls or dash walls that are kinda tricky to find. And yeah the 3 cacklebats that I'm missing were also in dash walls and just some obvious areas I never backtracked to yet.

Oh wait I was wrong, the endgame is in the palace either way. Lonely Grave island is useless other than that one event where Risky gets kidnapped.

The Pirate Master takes all of his weapons back from Shantae and reveals his true form... I have no idea how to avoid most of his attacks, especially the giant bouncing balls.. but I have enough food and potions stocked up that he's easy to beat anyway.

Then he threatens to kill risky if I don't give the dark magic back to him. I have no choice... Risky runs away as I give it to him... but the magic that comes out of my lamp is now light magic... Risky was right all along, that dark magic that brought the pirate master back was in fact Shantae's magic.

Now when I press X, instead of holding up the lamp, Shantae does her classic dancing animation, and absorbs the magic and becomes a half-genie again. Risky had planned this all along...

I still have to fight the pirate master without any abilities, but now I do 999 damage with my attacks... it's the same patterns as before only harder now...  After that, Risky gets the pirate master's items back, and says that the curse is broken so now she's gonna go back to being Shantae's enemy. Shantae used her magic to grant the mayor's wish and gave him back Scuttle Town and restored the town and palace back to normal.

Oh, and the Pirate Mode I unlocked, I tried it out... It's the same thing except you start out with all the pirate items. so you can easily 100% clear each island the first time you visit it. I went and 100% completed the first island in like 20 minutes. I could probably 100% the entire game in about 2 hours or so if I wanted to...

Oh yeah and something I forgot about.. That long path filled with ammo baron minions at the beginning of the game, between zdhantae's lighthouse and scuttle town, that area is skipped off for the rest of the game, you can never go back to it.

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