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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse playthrough log part 1/3

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse box cover art

Story: Scuttle Town's mayor sells the town for chocolates, and the new owner starts tearing everything down and turning it into a cannon/weapon factory... Shantae is just a normal human now, and isn't sure what's going on.. but then Risky shows up, and she tries to get Shantae to help gather what she needs to fight the Pirate Master.

The first part of the game is similar to the usual Shantae overworld, starts out at Shantae's house, then there's Scuttle Town, then the scarecrow fields, then the woods, and after that there's the palace. The palace area has an underground section with some easy enemies... There's a bunch of sidequests you can do here on Scuttle Island, but at first you can't do anything, you have to come back here after each new ability you obtain and there's different NPC dialog/events and you can get further into the sidequest progress and also buy more upgrades from the shop.

Risky rides you around on her boat to all the other various islands, which are basically levels. There are 7 in total including Scuttle Island. each level has a certain number of squids (heart pieces) and dark magic enemies (which you have to find, defeat, and absorb with your magic lamp, but I don't know what the reward is exactly)
It seems like each island has an overworld exploration section, and a dungeon section where you obtain the new ability. Both the overworlds and dungeons require some backtracking and fetch quests/puzzle solving.

Saliva Island and Spiderweb Island were pretty fun. Already this game seems harder/more enjoyable than Risky's Revenge.

I got the pistol on Saliva Island, and the puzzles for this dungeon were pretty easy still...

Spiderweb Island is the zombie area, where I had to save Rottytops and carry her through an obstacle course. the enemies here are kind of annoying if you don't expect them, but once you know what to expect they are easy to avoid. In order to even get to the dungeon here, I had to go back the Scuttle Town palace and complete the sidequest to get a thing from the sewers, and then get the squid oil from the giant squid. I got Risky's hat at the 2nd dungeon, which lets you glide through the air, making Shantae a bit more mobile.

After each dungeon boss, one of Risky's minions shows up and gives you the ocean map leading to the next island. except for the first map which was obtained from an NPC in the palace library.

Stopped right before starting the 4th island, Tan Line Island (the desert world I guess)... I went back to Scuttle Town and there was some hubbub in Sky's house, she brought home a boyfriend, one of the construction workers, and then that person accidentally petrified himself with the mummy tomb that Sky's parents brought in...

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